Golden eagle hunting show in Kochkor village

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Exploring Kyrgyzstan offers a one-of-a-kind chance to witness an ancient tradition deeply woven into the nomadic way of life: the art of hunting with birds. For centuries, before guns were even invented, eagles and falcons were esteemed as trusted companions in the hunt, considered as much a part of the family as any human member.

The Kyrgyz people have preserved this remarkable tradition since the 10th century AD, passing down the skills of training these majestic birds from generation to generation. When you visit Kyrgyzstan, you’re not just seeing a demonstration of bird training; you’re experiencing a living connection to history and culture.

Learning about how these birds are trained and the reasons behind it provides a fascinating insight into the nomadic lifestyle. It’s not just about hunting for food; it’s about the bond between humans and nature, the skills passed down through families, and the deep respect for these magnificent creatures.

So, when you travel to Kyrgyzstan, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in this ancient tradition. Witness the skill and dedication of the Kyrgyz people as they continue to honor their heritage, and gain a newfound appreciation for the rich tapestry of customs and traditions that make up their way of life.


Eagle hunting Demonstration

Departure from Bishkek to the village Kochkor . Arrive at the guesthouse for a late lunch. After lunch, horse riding with eagleman. Against the backdrop of amazing landscape horizons, you will be acquainted with birds of prey and there will be a photo session at sunset near the bizarre canyons of the rocks. Demonstration of hunting birds of prey and detailed stories about these amazing creatures.

In the evening, dinner and overnight at the guesthouse.


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